8 Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Before the advent of touchless kitchen faucets, many homes used traditional kitchen faucets. Touchless kitchen faucets are designed to provide more convenience and functionality.

The sleek design makes it a beautiful addition to your kitchen, giving it a modern look. If you do not have much experience with faucets or it’s your first time purchasing one, finding a faucet that will meet your needs may be challenging. Our review of some of the best touchless kitchen faucets will help you make the right choice.

Model NameNumber of HolesPrice
Moen 7594EWC Touchless Kitchen Faucet (Best Seller)1$$$
Kohler Setra Single-Handle Touchless Kitchen Faucet4$$
GEOATON Touchless Kitchen Faucet3$$
BioBidet by Bemis FLOW Motion Touchless Kitchen Faucet3$$
Qomolangma Touchless Kitchen Faucet1 or 3$
Willsland Touchless Kitchen Faucet3$
Dalmo DAKF5F Touchless Kitchen Faucet3$
ANZA Touchless Kitchen Faucet1 or 3$

1-Moen 7594EWC Arbor Motionsense Wave – Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet

Moen touchless kitchen faucet comes with a highly reflective chrome finish design that works with any decoration style.

It has a single-sensor activation that enables you to switch the water on and off without using both hands.

With a single hand movement, say goodbye to germs and bacteria with the Moen waveless kitchen faucet.

The spray wand offers three functions that you can choose from; aerated stream, power clean spray, and pause. It has a spot resist finish option that keeps your faucet clean without water and fingerprint spots.

This product is designed with a power clean spray technology that provides you with 50% more spray power, unlike other kitchen faucets that don’t come with the power clean technology.

It also comes with a flexible design and a reflex system for easy operation and seamless docking of the spray head.


Power clean technology
Reflect hose
Additional deck plate
Exceptional hands-free convenience


The head filter may get clogged

2-Kohler Setra Single-Handle Touchless Kitchen Faucet –  Best Kitchen Faucet with Single-Handle Option

The smooth edges and modern design of the Kohler Setra touchless kitchen faucet add to your kitchen’s beauty and blend into any decor.

Like other kitchen faucets, it’s designed to make your kitchen tasks faster and reduce the mess left after your chores. Turn the faucet on or off with a simple wave of your hand to get your cleaning done.

The dual-function pull-down spray head features sweep spray to provide a forceful and thorough spray that will help to simplify your kitchen cleanup. It also provides you with stream spray for easy cleaning.

It comes with a magnetic docking system (DockNetik) that helps lock the spray head in place to prevent it from dangling.

The MasterClean spray face is built to withstand the buildup of minerals, and you can easily wipe it clean with a damp cloth without any addition of chemical cleaners.

The single lever handle makes it easy for you to adjust water temperature with just one hand, and the ceramic disc valves are designed to last for a lifetime.


Premium metal construction
Flexible supply lines and easy installation
Dual-function pull-down spray head


Leakage issues

3-GEOATON Touchless Kitchen Faucet – Best Touchdown Kitchen Faucet

The GEOATON brand is a reliable company that aims to provide safe and healthy drinking water to you and your family. The touchless kitchen faucet by GEOATON is produced with a patented tap heart with no lead content.

With its dual motion sensor function, it delivers an exceptional touchless operation for your convenience.

The product is easy to install, and it takes only 20 minutes for non-professionals and DIYs. It comes with a 10-inch deck and can fit into three kitchen tap holes. It’s fashionable and user-friendly, making it easy for you to control water and temperature flow.

The 360-degree nozzle rotation also offers you multi-functional functions including spray, stream, and pause. It is the ideal product for a modern luxury kitchen that provides all the convenience you need.

The inner part of the head has a foam generator imported from Switzerland. Unlike other faucets that require complicated, hard wiring, this faucet doesn’t require electricity. It only requires AA batteries to enjoy all the beautiful features.

So, you do not have to bother about missing the benefits that come with this product whenever there is a power outage.


Concealed sensor technology
Spray mode and stream mode
Easy to install


Issues with battery life

4-BioBidet by Bemis FLOW Motion Sensor Kitchen Faucet – Best Touchless Kitchen Faucet With Premier Finishes

This is a touchless kitchen faucet with premier finishes and a dual spray head. It can be powered with the use of a battery and doesn’t require hardwiring. The hands-free motion sensor allows you to multitask conveniently.

The Biobidet by Bemis Flow doesn’t require any expensive and complicated wiring for you to enjoy its wonderful features.

The multi-spray faucet head allows you to choose between the spray and stream modes. The hose is designed with a quiet and fluid retraction that puts the spray head back in place after use.

It also comes with a universal installation of three holes. If you’re looking for a touchless kitchen faucet that will provide you with convenient features, a simple installation process, and premier finishes, Biobidet by Bemis Flow is your best bet. You can choose between chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, or brushed nickel.


Universal installation
Comes in chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, or brushed nickel
Multi spray faucet head


Motion Sensitivity

5-Qomolangma Touchless Kitchen Faucet – Best Durable Touchless Kitchen Faucet

This faucet comes with fingerprint resistance, a single and three-hole deck mount, and a motion sensor function that allows you to activate the water and turn on the faucet by hand wave.

It automatically stops water from running after three minutes without activity. It has a LED light that flashes when the battery power gets as low as 10 percent to prevent abrupt power loss.

The product is designed to resist water stains, fingerprints, and oil. The 360 degrees rotation allows you to move the faucet in any direction.

The Qomolangma kitchen faucet is made with safe and durable material to meet the healthy standard for your safety. It also comes with a durable ceramic valve to prevent leakage, and it is resistant to wear and corrosion.

The hose is flexible enough to make your kitchen chores more convenient, and you can easily choose between the two spray modes.

You do not need any professional help with this faucet since everything you need to install it is inside the box, including the manual for your instructions.

The product doesn’t require electricity but four AA batteries that can last for as long as two years.


Motion infrared sensor
Resistance to oil, fingerprint, and water spots
Easy to clean and maintain
Multi-functional spray modes
Low battery indicator
Flexible hose


Water leaks into the batteries

6-Willsland Touchless Kitchen Faucet – Best Touchless Pulldown Kitchen Faucet

This kitchen faucet by Willsland is designed with a hands-free and swivel motion sensor.

Without the motion sensor, the touchless operation allows cold water to be directly turned on or off.

The handle operation option allows you to turn the faucet on or off and adjust the water temperature and volume without activating the motion sensor.

If you want a kitchen faucet that will last you for over a decade, investing in this product isn’t a bad idea because it is built with premium lead-free brass and the ceramic cartridge is certified by the NSF.

It resists fingerprints, scratches, corrosion spots, and the three-mode sprayer, making it a very efficient and convenient kitchen faucet.

The counterweight retraction system allows you to keep the sprayer back in its right place without issue.

The product is backed by a lifetime of warranty, and the package includes everything that will make installation easier.

So, you do not need professional help to get it working as soon as possible.


180 degrees Infrared motion sensor
Lead-free brass construction
NSF-certified ceramic cartridge
3-mode Spray Head

7-Dalmo DAKF5F Touchless Kitchen Faucet – Best Kitchen Faucet with Advanced Processing Technology

Dalmo DAKF5F Touchless Kitchen FaucetThe Dalmo kitchen faucet is constructed with a lead-free stainless steel design to ensure its users’ safety. It comes with a single handle sensor and three modes pull down sprayer.

It is resistant to scratch, and fingerprint spot, and the dual-sensor provides you with two ways of turning on the water. You can also activate the motion sensor to enable the water to stop running automatically after three minutes of inactivity.

The 3-step installation makes it very easy and fast to start enjoying the various features of this faucet.

With the ceramic cartridge, you get to enjoy an advanced processing technology, and you do not have to worry about leaking.

The brushed nickel finish hides water and fingerprint marks than other finishing types, making it more durable.


Dual sensor
Ceramic valve


Short battery life

8-ANZA Touchless Sensor Kitchen Sink Faucet – Best Affordable Touchless Kitchen Faucet

This hands-free kitchen sink faucet is designed with your convenience and hygiene in mind. Its dual function spray head allows you to switch between two spray modes – powerful spray and splash-free aerated stream. You should choose the powerful spray option for heavy-duty rinsing and the splash-free aerated stream when you want a smooth and easy cleaning.

The retractable hose is long enough to allow the spray head to reach the hidden corners of your sink. The installation is hassle-free, and you can finish it within a few minutes. It has a spot-free finish that prevents water and fingerprint spots from staying on the surface.

With the touch-free activation, you need only have to wave your hands to wash it, and you don’t have to touch the faucet with your dirty or wet hands


Dual spray modes
Single lever control
Modern design and portable size
Easy to use and install


Can get a bit too sensitive

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