Difference Between a Heat Pump and Air Conditioner

Difference Between a Heat Pump and Air Conditioner

We can all agree that summertime brings hot weather all around us, so you have to find ways to keep yourself comfortable and fresh wherever you are.

In case you had an inspection of your cooling system, you may notice that regular checkups are essential mainly if you use the same method for heating as well.

You can choose various systems that will help you along the way. You can start with a new air conditioning system; however, most homeowners think that heat pumps are also efficient for these particular requirements.

We decided to present you with everything you should know about the difference between a heat pump & air conditioner.

Air Conditioner System vs. Heat Pump

We have to start by saying that these two critical types of equipment for both summer and winter feature severe differences, so you can expect to see how each apparatus works so that you can determine which one is the best for your particular requirements:

Air Conditioners

Have in mind that AC units are using three central and essential parts such as condenser, compressor, and evaporator. The best way to cool your home is by using a central air conditioning system.

Have in mind that this particular system features an external condensate unit, which will be outside your home and expel heat. At the same time, you will get evaporator coil that will sit above your furnace and cool the air within your household.

Finally, the furnace, as well as air, will work with to blow the chilly air throughout your household.

Have in mind that if your AC is compatible with furnace system, you will be able to take advantage of furnace filter so that you can implement air purifier equipment that will help you along the way.

It is essential to understand that central air conditioner works by using air handler fan or furnace to draw warm air through your home by using ductwork.

The air will go through the evaporator coil, which will be above your furnace, and that will remove the exceptional amount of heat as well as cool it down.

The coil will absorb refrigerant that runs through coil, and it will pump itself through the condenser, which is a part that sits outside of your home and releases the air.

The condenser will expel the heat into an outside air, which will cool down the refrigerant, and send it back inside your household so that the process can start all over again.

Heat Pump

You can also find air conditioners that are available in various systems that are known as heat pumps.

The main idea between heat pumps is that they work as both heaters and air conditioners, which means that you will be able to cool down or heat your entire household without using the furnace.

During the hot summer months, the heat pump will operate as a regular air conditioner, which means that it will cool your home based on your preferences.

On the other hand, during the winter months, the heat will do a complete opposite, which means that it will extract the heat from the outside air and bring it inside so that you can enjoy in the warm household.

Have in mind that typical heat pump tends to take heat from the outside and run it through the coils inside the unit, which will finally disperse the heat throughout your household. Even if the outside is cold, the heat pump can easily extract heat from the outside air.

When the temperature reaches too cold area for your heat pump to operate, the furnace will turn on automatically so that you can enjoy in extra heat within your home. It means that homeowners do not know which particular source is heating their home.

Heat pumps are highly prevalent in areas with mild climates in which temperature does not go below freezing for long periods.

However, you can also find the advanced heat pumps with the latest features that will help you heat your house even in areas where temperature is below freezing for a long time.

For instance, in colder climates such as Alaska and Canada, you should have in mind that geothermal heat pumps are highly popular.

This particular type will help you extract heat from the ground, which is an entirely different approach when compared with regular ones that are removing the heat from air.

Therefore, you have to pay a significant price tag as an initial investment, but you will be able to enjoy during the cold winter hours. The installation also requires specialized experience and skills; however, you will be able to save money on energy expenses in the long run.

Heat pump tends to function similarly as a regular air conditioner; the main difference is that AC process can be reversed with an idea to heat the home during the winter hours.

When you have a central heat pump, you will have to use ductwork, which is similar to a furnace fan that can distribute warm air within your household.

The compressor outside will move the refrigerant throughout the system, and it features a reversing valve that will reverse the flow of refrigerants so that you can provide heat instead of cooling.

The Difference

Have in mind that both air conditioners and heat pumps tend to perform the same effect since they feature similar energy efficiency in general. However, the main difference and consideration are that you will be able to use heat pump for a long time for both heating and cooling.

You will be able to reduce the number of systems that require repairs, maintenance, and replacements, which means that both systems are highly similar, but they function by using different components.

Therefore, you should understand that everything depends on your affection, things that you wish to achieve, climate in which you live in, and other factors that will help you make up your mind with ease.

Remember that whatever you decide to choose, you will be able to cool down and heat your household without any additional problem. You have to consider your budget and energy expenses based on your preferences and requirements.




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