Difference Between Air Fryer and Instant Pot

Have in mind that an instant pot and air fryer feature essential differences that you should remember. Therefore, if you wish to purchase any single one of them, it is crucial to learn everything about it so that you can make up your mind based on your needs and preferences.

Both of them will provide you an ability to cook everything that you wish, but they are not similar. They can prepare food in different ways, and even though both trim down dishes and cook times, you should learn about features that each one contains.

Therefore, we will present you differences between an air fryer and instant pot:

What Is An Air Fryer?

The air fryer is an excellent solution if you wish to avoid using too much oil and cook whatever you want. You will be able to place minimal amount of fat and fry food so that you can enjoy in its texture.

It is a much healthier solution than regular frying especially if you have in mind that you will get the tasty crunch without implementing too much fat inside. Air fryers are highly popular due to health conscience that people have nowadays when it comes to dietary foods and preparations.

They are highly versatile small appliances in which you can grill, fry, bake, as well as a roast. You will find a wire basket inside where you should place food.

It comes with a heating element that you will find on the top, and as soon as you turn it on, it will blow all around inside and start to cook food in different directions, similarly as regular fryer.

You will get tasty and fried food without using oil.

Benefits of Air Fryers

It Promotes Weight Loss

If you consume large amounts of fried food that will lead to obesity in the long run. The main reason for that is that deep-fried foods feature high levels of calories and fat. That is why you should avoid deep-fried foods and choose instead of air-fried foods that will reduce the intake of unhealthy oils so that you can lose weight in the long run.

Safe Solution

If you have ever deep-fried something, you have seen the large container that features high amounts of oil. This is a safety risk because if it gets hot, you will be able to splash, spill and touch the hot oil, which may cause severe burns. That is why you should consider air fryers that do not get hot the same way as deep fryers, but you have to follow user manual and instruction if it is your first time handling it.

Reduce Risks Of Cancer

Frying food can cause other severe issues such as condensation of dangerous and toxic compounds such as acrylamide. This particular compound tends to form in specific foods during the high-heat cooking. According to researchers, this particular compound can lead to various cancers such as breast, pancreatic, ovarian, and many more. Therefore, you can avoid this specific issue by air frying your food. Consuming too many fried foods is linked with numerous side effects and concerns that you can develop along the way. You will be able to reduce risks of various complications by finding an air fryer.

What Is Instant Pot?

The instant pot is one of the most popular kitchen appliances that you can find on the market, and it will provide you peace of mind when it comes to cookware that you require. It will give you an ability to cook rice, eggs, use it as sauté maker, for slow cooking, and many more.

It is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance that will provide you numerous options when it comes to cooking dishes, and it is much faster than standard stovetop and oven methods.

For instance, you can use an electric pressure cooker that features significant upgrade when compared with other kitchen appliances. You will get safety mechanism that will protect the insides and allow you to handle everything along the way.

You will be able to make soups, cook entire chickens, rice, pasta, desserts, and place inside the pot everything you need for a short period. The steam will build up inside, and you can cook anything you want while maintaining the nutrient contents.

Benefits of Instant Pots

Saving Energy and Time

Have in mind that instant pots are highly efficient appliances when it comes to energy, especially if you have in mind that you will be able to handle any meal in timely manner. We can differentiate two critical factors that are contributing to its energy efficiency such as the cooking chamber, which is fully insulated, so you do not have to use too much energy for heating up. The second factor includes the idea that you do not require plenty of liquids similarly as with other cooking methods, which means that the insides will boil faster than before.

Retain Nutrients and Vitamins

Boiling can cause water-soluble vitamins to get out of the food, which will reduce the nutritional value of food that you wish to consume. Finally, you can rest assured because pressure cookers will provide you quick, deep, and even solution so that you can retain 90% of vitamins.

Preserve Taste and Appearance

Cooking with open lid exposes things you cook to heat and oxygen, which will diminish the color as well as flavor. Using instant pot will provide you an ability to saturate food with steam, which means that your food will be more aesthetically appealing and you can enjoy in perfect flavor wherever you are.


It does not matter if you wish to purchase an air fryer or instant pot because you should remember all differences that we have mentioned above.

Based on professional opinion, you should own both of them because they feature entirely different approaches to food, so you will have one appliance for healthy frying, while others will be for more critical and complicated meals.

That way, you will have additional versatility in kitchen so that you can enjoy in favorite meals along the way.



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