Difference Between Convection Oven and Air Fryer

Difference Between Convection Oven and Air Fryer

We can all agree that it is essential to eat healthy food so that you can maintain the balance in your life, avoid obesity and minimize risks of severe illnesses.

However, you can see the same meals prepared in both convection oven and air fryer, so the question is which method is tastier, better, healthier, and will meet your preferences.

Even though both methods tend to make sense, in here we wish to provide you a way to understand the difference between convection oven and air fryer.

What Is An Air Fryer?

Imagine that you purchase French fries in the local fast-food restaurant. In most cases, they slice the potato down and place it into deep fryer so that you can enjoy its taste.

Even though deep-fried foods are much tastier than without using exceptional amounts of oil that is not the healthiest solution and can cause severe chronic issues if you do it every single day.

That is why air frying is a much better alternative than deep-frying because you will get a similar texture and taste but without too much grease and oil. They work by circulating air around your food, which is a same approach as convectional ovens use, but there are a few differences.

Even though both air fryer and convection oven use fan to move hot air around, an air fryer tends to circulate that air faster and inside the small chamber, which will result in the faster cooking process in general.

At the same time, air fryers will provide you an ability to evenly circulate hot air at both the top and bottom of your food. Have in mind that some foods are high for air frying while others are not.

So, if you wish to use it so that you can determine whether it works for you or not, try to add chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks or jalapeno poppers so that you can enjoy all the way.

Benefits of Air Fryer

Healthy Cooking

Finally, you will be able to fry foods that you enjoy eating and have a healthy meal at the same time. This particular appliance will help you understand history since you will not have to use significant amounts of oil similarly as with deep fryer. You can cook onion rings, frozen fries, wings and much more things that will provide you crispy results without additional fat.

Fast Process

Since they tend to be smaller and the air is circulating much faster than convection oven, you will be able to cook foods more quickly than before. The stove requires between 20 and 30 minutes preheating, while fryers will be able to do it in matter of minutes.


With air fryer, you can rest assured because you will be able to handle numerous things and enjoy all the way. It will help you fry your favorite foods, but it can also roast, broil, and bake, stir-fry and grill. If you wish to eat snow peas or chicken for dinner, you can make it in matter of minutes. You will also be able to cook frozen and fresh foods and reheat leftovers as soon as you want. Some fryers feature additional features such as elevated cooking rack and rotisserie rack. If the baskets are dividable, it means that you will be able to cook various things simultaneously.


What Is A Convection Oven?

In case you have a full-size convection oven inside your household, and you do not consume too much fried and frozen foods, then you should avoid an air fryer in general.

Have in mind that convection ovens use similar technology and will provide you equally tasting food than air fryer. Therefore, if your oven does not use convection method for cooking, then you should get an air fryer so that you can reduce the gap and avoid greasy food.

You will notice that your oven is using convection baking by checking its back walls. Most of them include a fan in the rear of the stove, and you can find both electric and gas models that will provide you even and perfect baking.

Some of them include convection and regular modes, but you can find that only on high-end models in which heating elements are surrounding the fan.

You will not get the same basket of circulating air that will flow beneath your food, but you can use pan or roasting rack so that you can replicate the perfect airflow.

The critical consideration is capacity because the full-size oven will provide you an ability to cook much more food when compared with regular air fryer.

Therefore, if you are cooking for a large family or hosting party with friends, you will be able to eliminate a need for multiple batches with a convection oven.

At the same time, convection ovens can outperform air fryers when it comes to taste, especially when food is not frozen or breaded.

Benefits of Convection Oven

Cook Evenly

With this particular oven, you will be able to cook your food evenly since the air circulation is thorough. The main reason for that is that the fan will circulate hot air, so you will avoid hot and cold spots, which is a common problem with conventional ovens.

Faster Cooking Time

Since most of them feature an efficient fan, you will be able to use lower temperatures and cook it in the same period. Therefore, instead of taking usual 350 degrees of heat, you can go for 300 degrees and do it for less time than other ovens.

Final Word

As you can see from everything, we have mentioned above, even though both convection oven and air fryer work a similar way, they will provide you a completely different results.

Firstly, air fryers are more convenient for small batches and if you wish to handle something promptly. On the other hand, if you want to cook large quantities for plenty of people and still enjoy healthy food, you should use a convection oven instead.

Everything depends on your preferences and taste, which is why you should tell us something about it in the comment section below.


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