Difference Between Nebulizer and Humidifier

Difference Between Nebulizer and Humidifier

It is essential to understand that both humidifier and nebulizer are great products that will help you handle aerosol therapy, which is the best treatment for respiratory issues such as chronic bronchitis and asthma.

At the same time, humidifier and nebulizer can convert liquids into a mist that you can inhale and alleviate symptoms that are happening with your respiratory system. The main idea is that humidifier and nebulizer are working completely different even though the result is the same.

Nebulizers are the best choices that will help you deliver specific medication to your lungs, while humidifiers will increase levels of moisture because dry air can be problematic and cause severe issues.

Humidifier and nebulizer are perfect for people with chronic respiratory issues. But before you make up your mind, you should learn everything about them.

What Is A Nebulizer?

Nebulizers are great choices that you can purchase to convert liquid asthma medications into droplets so that you can inhale them through the air. They are great for quick-relief in case of choking and severe issues.

In case that you have a chronic disease, the doctor may prescribe you corticosteroids as the long-term medication you should use with a nebulizer. According to expert researchers, nebulizers are effective as handheld inhalers for severe conditions such as asthma.

They are also more convenient solutions when compared with inhalers for people that have difficulties with them. Have in mind that the size of liquid droplets can affect its ability to enter your lungs promptly.

Therefore, the leading technology and focus of nebulizer are to create an ultra-fine and uniform mist. You can find three types of nebulizers: mesh, ultrasonic and jet. The main difference between these devices is in mechanism that they use to convert liquid into an aerosol.

When choosing a nebulizer, the doctor will provide you a specific prescription and recommend you the most efficient type that you can consider. Of course, you should think about other factors as well such as insurance coverage, cost of the unit and the ability to maintain it properly.

Benefits Of Nebulizers

Effective Medical Treatment and Delivery

It is essential to understand that nebulizers feature the main goal to send your medications into your lungs. Unlike other types of meds, that require processing throughout your digestive system so that it can enter a bloodstream, nebulizers will help you get a right dosage directly into a respiratory tract. Most common meds such as albuterol will enter your lungs in matter of minutes, which is not the case if you use it orally.


If you have small respiratory issues, neglecting and avoiding treatment can lead to developing more acute and chronic breathing issues. Keeping your bronchial tubes open is vital in case you feature problems that may affect the quality of your life.

Simple to Use

You should have in mind that nebulizers are entirely effortless, especially when compared with inhalers. Instead of breathing during the medication release, nebulizer treatment will continuously provide you an air that will reduce the lung issues you have. Therefore, you will be able to breathe as always by using this particular treatment. The latest models are compact and portable, which means that you can bring them with yourself wherever you wish to go.

What Is A Humidifier?

When it comes to humidity, large amounts can cause severe issues as well as low levels of it. If you live in dry areas, have in mind that it can increase the chances of getting respiratory infections and other issues that will affect you in general.

That is why you will need a humidifier that will increase the moisture of the surrounding air so that you can breathe without waiting for choke attack. If you have issues with asthma, it is beneficial to use a humidifier in case that air inside your household is too dry.

Of course, it is vital to remember that if you overdo it, the high levels of humidity can also be problematic for your health. Therefore, if you have mold or mite allergies, you should avoid using humidifiers because they tend to promote the growth of these organisms.

As you can see, both too much and too little moisture can be challenging for people that have respiratory issues. That is the main reason why you should continuously monitor the outdoor and indoor humidity while using this particular apparatus.

Benefits Of Humidifiers

Flu Prevention

The first and most important thing about humidifiers is that you will reduce the chances of catching seasonal influenza or flu. According to research and study, humidity levels that are above 40% can easily affect the virus particles. And they will become less effective and infectious.

More Productive Cough

At the same time, you should remember that living in an area with dry air could cause severe respiratory issues such as unproductive cough. Therefore, by adding humidity levels to the air, you will get more moisture in airways, and that will create a more productive cough, which will help you release phlegm.

Reduces Snoring

When you sleep in a room with a balanced amount of humidity that will ultimately help you reduce snoring in general. On the other hand, if the air is too dry, your airways will not be lubricated as they should be, so that will increase the process of snoring, which may lead to other health issues.

Rejuvenates Your Hair and Skin

You have probably noticed that your hair, lips, and skin becomes more sensitive, fragile and dry during the winter season. Since heating elements and systems are drying airs inside your household or office space that may lead to flaky, itchy and dry skin. At the same time, cold air is also problematic for skin health. Therefore, you should use a humidifier to increase the moisture levels so that you can reduce the possibility of cracked and dry skin. That will also help you reduce allergic reactions that may happen as well.


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