Difference Between Smoker and Grill

Difference Between Smoker and Grill

We can all agree that both grill and smoker are essential appliances that we tend to mostly use during the summertime when we are next to friends and family in the backyard. However, these two apparatus are not the same.

For instance, when you grill meat you enjoy, you will not get the smoky flavor that you wanted to get with the quality smoker. At the same time, a smoker will not provide you that grilled favor you love with hamburgers and hot dogs.

Therefore, there are differences, the next thing that we wish to present to you in further text are the features in which you will be able to understand them. Stay with us to see the difference between a smoker and a grill:

What Is A Smoker?

Similarly, as you thought at first, the main goal of smokers is to use smoke so that you can enjoy in cooked food. They can be gas, charcoal, electric, or wood. For instance, electric and gas smokers, are much simpler to use and you will require less tending in general.

However, when it comes to wood and charcoal smokers, they will provide you a unique flavor, which will give you barbeque notes. They feature a similar design, which includes wood chip and water basin at the bottom of the smoker chamber.

The sand or water is inside the water basin, and the wood will provide you a smoky flavor, while water will maintain the internal temperature, but you can use sand as well.

The specific type of wood that you decide to choose will also have an impact on the overall taste, and some woods are better for particular foods, etc. The main idea of smoking meats and other foods is to help preserve them longer than expected.

For instance, our ancestors used primitive ways to preserve meats by placing them above the smoking pit.

The smoke features chemical compounds that will inhibit the growth of bacteria, and the goal is to cook meat so that you can use it for extended periods at low temperatures without affecting its nutrients.

What Are the Advantages of Smokers?

  • Flavorful and tender foods
  • Smoky flavor that will provide you enjoyment
  • Electric-powered ones are simple and convenient to use
  • You will be able to cook for a long time without losing nutrients as other methods of preparation.
  • Finally, you can enjoy in unique flavor.

What Are the Disadvantages of Smokers?

  • You will need to wait more extended time than other cooking methods such as grilling
  • Wood and charcoal smokers require plenty of maintenance
  • It is not always simple to control the temperature

What Is A Grill?

You can find grills in almost every backyard across the globe. Have in mind that they tend to work on gas, charcoal, and electricity based on your needs and preferences. Every single person has a specific opinion when it comes to which type of grill will produce you the best flavor.

However, the most preferred solutions are gas and charcoal while electric ones are not that popular even though they are the most convenient to use.

Grilling will provide you the ability to cook your food faster than other methods, but you have to rotate meat or vegetables so that you can get even heating.

You can grill foods on low or high heat based on the type of it you decide to choose. Have in mind that grills are most efficient when you are handling small pieces of food such as chops, chicken breasts, and steaks.

What Are the Advantages of Grills?

  • You can cook food quickly
  • Simple to use
  • You will be able to avoid using an excessive amount of fat and oil
  • You will get flavorful results in a matter of minutes

What Are the Disadvantages of Grills?

  • You have to turn foods frequently so that you can get even cooking and avoid burning
  • Charcoal grills are challenging for novice cookers.

What Are The Differences Between Grills and Smokers?

Cooking Temperatures

Have in mind that smoker and grill tend to use different temperature for cooking foods that you enjoy. It does not matter whether you wish to use gas or charcoal grill, because the internal temperature can reach up to 400 degrees and more in some cases. The main reason for it is that you will use direct heat for cooking foods, while smokers are using indirect heat from smoke. The internal temperature of smokers can range between 160 and 300 degrees F, and low temperatures are best for vegetables, cheese and fish, while you should smoke meats at approximately 200 degrees.


Even though these two appliances feature similar appearances, their internal designs, and the way they function are entirely different. The main idea between grills is that you will be able to apply direct heat to the foods and cook it without any additional problem. It does not matter if you use charcoal, gas or electric, because you will get heat directly applied to foods, which will reduce the cooking period. On the other hand, smokers use indirect heat for cooking the food, and it is vented through the chamber until the smoke reaches food.

Cooking Technique

The cooking techniques completely different when we compare smoker and grill. With grilling, you should turn food frequently so that you can prevent it from burning and from getting the flat sides. The direct heat will help you boost the process of cooking, but you will be able to burn it in case you leave it unattended. By using smoker, you do not have to turn the food since the indirect heat will cook it along the way. It will create an environment, which is highly similar to the one you feature in the oven. The process is slower than grilling, but you will get additional flavor due to it.


You should remember that both appliances are useful for your household so the choice should depend on your taste, preferences, and requirements. Grilling is the simple way to do it, while smoking will also provide you specific options.

Everything depends on what you wish to cook and for how long. It is as simple as that.

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