Upright Versus Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

Upright Versus Cylinder Vacuum Cleaners

When it comes to buying the best vacuum cleaner for your household requirements, the question that you will have to ask yourself is whether you should choose upright or cylinder vacuum cleaners.

The easiest way to answer this question is to understand that you can find numerous brands and types of vacuums that range from upright and cylinders to lightweight cordless alternatives that will provide you additional convenience.

We created a research based on the professional requirements as well as household uses that most people require daily when it comes to cleaning tasks.

What Is Cylinder Vacuum?

You should have in mind that cylinder vacuum cleaners are usually lighter than upright, which means that you will get an ability to maneuver with it throughout your household.

At the same time, it comes with accessories that will be packed inside the housing so that you can use them anytime you like. This is highly convenient if you have various surfaces that you wish to clean at the same time.

Remember that most cylinder models come with two different types of heads: turbo head that features brushing action so that you can vacuum pile carpets and collect pet hair as well as traditional brush head that will help you handle everything else.

At the same time, you can maneuver them around the room so that you can access narrow and hard-to-reach areas such as underneath the furniture, which will ultimately help you increase the hygienic perspective of your household.

You will also get long rubes and hoses so that you can move around with ease, which may be problematic with upright vacuums when it comes to different tasks. Finally, you will be able to vacuum stairs without any additional hassle.

Have in mind that cylinder vacuums feature foot controls that you will find in the outer housing as well as cord reminder on the rear so that you can avoid tripping on a cord. In general, they are compact so that you can place them away, and you will not even notice a difference.

Benefits of Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

  • In general, the design is more compact and smaller when compared with upright models, which means that you will be able to do it almost effortlessly.
  • The design features a vacuum cleaner as well as a separate body and long hose so that you can use it in narrow areas such as under chairs, couches, beds, tables, and car interiors among other things.
  • You can use the cleaner for a wide array of assignments.
  • They are compact and lightweight, so you can move it around without breaking a sweat.
  • They can help you clean various floor surfaces, and are efficient enough to handle hard floors without scratching them.

What Is Upright Vacuum?

When it comes to upright vacuums, you should have in mind that these models are bulky, most of them feature approximately seven to eight kilos, and the process of cleaning will be much more challenging than other types.

At the same time, they require plenty of space for storing them after the process, and you will not be able to clean narrow areas and under furniture due to their construction and design.

You will also get a wide array of attachments as well as the hose that will help you deal with carpets and hard floors. Since they feature short length, it will be almost impossible to handle stairs and cobwebs.

You should have in mind that they are the most common type that you can find on the market. In most cases, they feature a cleaning head that you can attach to a long handle, as well as bag or canister, which is in upright configuration.

They also feature rotating beater bar as well as brush roll that will remove dirt and dust through vibrations and then the unit will suck it. Some models feature a dual motor, which is excellent if you wish to increase the power of suction.

You can find both models with bags and bagels models that are designed in upright vacuum design.

Benefits of Upright Vacuum Cleaners

  • They are simple to use because you can push them in front of you during the cleaning process, which is much better than dragging the cleaner behind you. You will also be able to maneuver with ease, but they are bulkier in general.
  • It features an ability to reduce strains for your back because you do not have to lean that much during the process of vacuuming.
  • You can adjust it to various heights based on your preferences, so most people think that the height and size of the handle will allow you to clean much better than before.
  • They are efficient when it comes to cleaning deep pile carpets because most of them come with revolving brush inside the cleaning head, that will dislodge the dirt, and you can suck it up with ease.
  • They tend to clean more efficiently than cylinder ones due to large cleaning head that will cover a higher surface.

Choose Upright Vacuum Cleaner If:

  • You have a large household, and you need to clean vast carpets so that you can do it efficiently and fast. They have large cleaning area, which will ultimately reduce the cleaning time.
  • You have dense pile carpets because upright vacuums feature brushes that will remove debris and dirt, which is between the piles.
  • You have different types of carpets inside your household.

Choose Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner If:

  • You have rooms that are uniquely shaped with plenty of furniture that you have to clean around. Since they are more maneuverable and lighter, you can handle cleaning stairs and under tables with ease.
  • You have a small or medium-sized household because head is much smaller than upright vacuums, so you will need more time to do it in general.
  • You require a lightweight vacuum cleaner that you can carry around and up and down the stairs.
  • You have limited storage space.


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