Which is Better: Microwave or Convection Oven

Microwave or Convection Oven

We can all agree that kitchen appliances are essential for your household cooking. Because they will provide you a convenience when it comes to preparing your favorite meals.

It is much better to use your appliances instead of going to fast-food restaurant and eat unhealthy, greasy and expensive food every single day.

At the same time, one of the most popular and used kitchen appliances is microwave, since it features the ability to heat everything you need and even prepare something from scratch.

What Is a Convection Oven?

The main feature between the convection ovens is the ability to use it for baking and handling various dishes. It does not matter if you wish something grilled, roasted, caramelized, brown, and crispy. Because this particular type of oven should be your first choice.

It uses air circulation method in which hot air will run through it from bottom to the top and vice versa so that you can enjoy in even and crispy cooking at your household.

That way, you will be able to distribute heat evenly and use lower temperature but still, reach the results much faster than conventional ovens we all own in our homes and kitchens.

Having home convection oven means that you will get compact apparatus that you can place on your kitchen top. The first convection ovens appeared back in 1967, and Malleable Iron Range Company created them.

Since then, it became the central part of each household. The main goal of convection oven is to bake something from scratch. Therefore, you will be able to use it for Tandoori chicken as well as other things such as lasagna, cakes bread, brownies, kebabs and many more.


What Is A Microwave Oven?

On the other hand, a microwave oven uses utterly different perspective and method for preparing food you wish. It uses radio-frequency energy to heat fats and waters, which will cook the food from the inside.

Have in mind that these waves tend to cause molecules to vibrate, which will raise the temperature along the way. The perfect term for this particular type of appliance is a microwave oven, which is problematic because we cannot consider it as oven based on its capabilities.

Therefore, most people use it to re-heat the food that they prepared earlier without a possibility to cook something from scratch inside. The best thing about it is that everyone can easily use it because it is profoundly exciting and straightforward.

It works faster than other appliances and in general, will consume less electricity than different types of ovens especially when it comes to reheating.

Everything started back in the 1940s, but they were available for the public after World War II.

Since then the popularity increased over the years, and people became more and more involved in a business that they do, their habits drastically change and that was the reason for its popularity.

The main reason why people use this particular appliance is to re-heat food that you already cooked, which we have mentioned above. However, you will also be able to make half-cooked meals, pasta macaroni, popcorn, coffee, milk, water, and many more.

The great thing about the microwave is that you will have additional control on meal that you are preparing. You can easily regulate the temperature as well as add spices and taste the food so that everything could be perfect afterward.

Comparison of Microwave and Convection Oven

Both these appliances feature similar characteristics and the ability to handle quick meals without any additional problem. The idea is that convection oven and microwave oven tend to focus on two objectives less preparation time and simple cooking procedure.

However, you should have in mind that convection oven functions differently than microwave oven. That´s why we decided to present you the most common differences:

1.Machine Configuration

Both systems work individually when it comes to operation. Even though the results are almost the same, when you use convection oven, it uses air circulation so that you can enjoy in even baking and cooking.

On the other hand, microwave emits radio waves with an idea to prepare food that you enjoy. The idea is to place it in ceramic containers or plastic ones that are prone to heat so that you can pre-heat the food that you already made.

2.Cooking Method

Similarly, as we have mentioned above, the primary difference between these two appliances lies in the preparation method. The convection oven cooking depends on transferring heat by using a circulating fan.

Microwave ovens are different. Because you will cook food by using non-ionized microwave radiation that will cook it from the inside. Therefore, both fat and water will get absorbed by radiation, which means that results can be dry if you overdo it.

When compared with convection ovens in which fan will provide you an ability to cook your food evenly, you will also be able to get crispy and brown results.

Microwaves cannot provide you the crisp and brown food. Because the air inside will be at room temperature, so it will be challenging to create a crust.

Apart from that, by using regular heat stratification, you can cook some spots faster than others, and for crisping and browning you should combine convection baking with halogen heating.

3.Preparation Time

The difference in cooking time depends on what you wish to achieve as well as the type of appliance that you decide to choose.

Have in mind that cooking period tends to be much shorter when using convection oven than microwave cooking. Because hot air will strip away the cold air from the inside. So you will be able to reduce energy expenses and get the perfect results in timely manner.

4.Operating Temperature

Another critical feature that creates distinction between convection oven and microwave is the operating temperature that creates a functioning perspective. The microwave oven generates heat by using microwave, so you will need a longer time to cook anything you prefer.

On the other hand, with convection type, heated air is perfect for cooking. And you will be able to use low temperature to get the same result. However, we recommend you to read the convection-cooking recipes and guide before you make up your mind.


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